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"Today in Fayetteville" Feb. 8, 1895

Politics were a big topic  in February 1895, and women wanted to be a part of it. Go back in time with me to see the attitudes of our ancestors, and how they felt about the issue..  
                                THE FAYETTEVILLE NEWs
  Feb. 8, 1895
That crowd of women that met in Atlanta last week to talk about voting, etc. ought to be satisfied with what they have to do without wanting to be allowed to take part in politics. The men do not object to their wearing "bloomers" but they do kick at them wanting to take off our pants and step into our shoes and controlling the whole business. "Go home" and stay indoors where you are needed to look after preparing your poor "hen-pecked" husbands meals and thereby stop a divorce suit or perhaps trouble in your neighbors family. We beg your pardon ladies if none of you have husbands, but we do not wonder at it.
A woman out of Iowa has been elected justice of the peace by mistake. Her husband was conducting business under his wife's name which was not generally known, and at the nominating convention and election her initials were used when the intention was to elect him.
However, she was elected, and there being no obstacle in the law, she has qualified and is now filling the office.
Dr J.B. Hawthorne delivered a sermon in Atlanta Sunday which was carried by telephone to the homes of fifty people in the city of Athens, a distance of sixty miles. It is said that it was heard perfectly and was greatly enjoyed by the Athens people. Even the music of the choir was equally well heard. Electricity is accomplishing wonders.
                                        Local News
There is a force of hands now at work opening the new street east of the railroad.
Teeth extracted without any pain whatever at the corner Drug store. Its the place to go.
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