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"Today in Fayetteville" April 9, 1909

Let us take another look at the exciting local and world changes going on in Fayetteville in the early 1900s. Modern changes are occurring in our town.


                                  The Fayetteville News

                                           April 9, 1909

The acetylene light, now lights our streets at night. For some time the town has suffered for this much needed necessity. Fayetteville is making strides forward that should not be checked and we are glad to see our mayor and cancel trying to keep the public 

conveniences as near up with the times as possible.

                                  Admiral Cervera Dead

Was commander of the Spanish Fleet in the Battle of Santiago,

Cuba on the outbreak of the War with the United States. He

sailed from Cape Verde Islands with 4 cruisers and 3 torpedo boat destroyers, in April 1898.  Entered the harbor of Santiago, Cuba May 19 and lost his entire fleet off that Port July 3, in an attempt

to force his way through Admiral Sampson's blockading squadron.

                                   Serum for  diphtheria

                    Board of health ready to furnish anti-toxin.

Atlanta, Ga.- A sufficient amount of anti-toxin for diphtheria to

supply the wants of the entire state. Physicians may secure any amount, free of cost, by writing or telegraphing to the Secretary

of the Board, in care of the Laboratories in the State Capital.

                                     Local News

Mr. John I Kerlin was elected Superintendent of our Sunday School last Sunday.

As Mr. Brown resigned being unable to attend regularly.

Miss Lizzie McEachern has returned from Athens where she has been in school several months.

Prisons everywhere are over crowded  More Criminals an paupers are now confined in state and county institutions than ever before. Hard times and undesirable aliens are chiefly blamed.

researched and submitted by CB Glover

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