Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Today in Fayetteville" January 2, 1903

Fayetteville was having some cold weather early in 1903. Let us see what the Fayetteville News had to
say about these conditions...
                           Fayetteville News
                                    January 2, 1903

                       Coldest of the Season


Every section of the country was in winters icy grip the coldest weather of the winter prevailed Friday through the united states.


Louisville 9 degrees, which is 21 degrees below normal. Nashville 14, Chattanooga 16, Memphis 20, Atlanta 18, and little rock 22 degrees.


The young people enjoyed an old fashioned shindig at Mr. James peavys Friday night.


Mr. and Mrs. john evens had a family reunion and Christmas dinner on DEC 25th.


Mr. BM Harrison, who spent Christmas with home folks here returned to oxford Tuesday to resume his studies at Emory.


Mr. and Mrs. AP sams entertained a party of young people at their home Monday night. This was one of the most pleasant parties of young people of Fayetteville during the entire holiday season.


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