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Let us step back in time and see what the Fayetteville News had to say in 1891

                                              THE FAYETTEVILLE NEWS
                                                     March 13,1891

                                                Carriage Nomenclature

The popular Hanson carriage derives its distinguishing title from Mr. Hanson. The Brougham carriage, which was first used by the famous lord Brougham, took its

title from that nobleman.

Hacks originally were termed hackney coaches, because they were drawn by hackney, the name applied to easy going, safe pacing horses.

                                              To Tell the Age of Horses

The other day we met a gentleman from Alabama, who gave us a piece of information into accessing the age of a horse after it has passed the ninth year, which was quite new to us, and will be, we are sure, to most of our readers. It is this; after a horse is 9 years old a wrinkle comes in the eye lid at the upper corner of the lower lid, and every year there after he has one well defined wrinkle for each year of his age over 9 years old.
If for instance a horse  has 3 wrinkles, he is twelve, so says the gentleman, and he is confident it will never fail.

                                             News and Notes for Women

Dress skirts for street wear are lengthening in spite of all protest. But extremely tidy women do not adopt them.

Very beautiful and stylish are the new Paris Challies just introduced. The patterns run to the buds and blossoms of all the flowers. The style most in use for luncheon parties is

pure white with this, any ornamental and floral decorations my be employed.

The complaint from London is that dresses are growing longer and more inconvenient, and the dress suspender is coming into use. young ladies with oval faces may put their tresses in the middle and comb them in well-defined curves on either side of the brow.
The careful manner with which Queen Victoria compiles and  corrects the "court circular"

entitles her to be termed the leading editor in all her realms.

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