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Today in Fayetteville June 22, 1917

New construction was on the schedule for the summer of 1917.  Railroad crossings were
a danger in the early years as they are now..

                                   The Fayetteville News
         June 22, 1917

             Mrs. Minnie Turner and son, Fred, killed by train in Jonesboro

Last Sunday afternoon about 5 o'clock a central passenger train from Atlanta
to Macon smashed into the automobile of Mr. JE Adams at the crossing North
of the depot in Jonesboro killing and injuring the six occupants of the car.
In the car were Mrs. Minnie Turner and 4 year old son, Fred, of Clayton Co. Misses Cora Denham, Grace Dorsett, Mr Ursie Denham and driver, Mr. Adams, all of near Union Groove.

The party had spent the day at a birthday celebration of Mr JR Jackson, and were returning by way of Stockbridge road. Mrs Turner was a daughter of JR Jackson.

The funeral exercises were conducted Monday afternoon at Flat Creek Church by Rev WJ DeBardeleben.

                                  The Redwine Brothers

The Redwine Brothers have contracted with Mr. JC Woods to superintend the work on their two story brick building on the North side of the public square.
The building will be 51x120 feet. The front of the lower story will be glass and this story will be used by the Redwine brothers for their office and Ford Automobiles. The second story will be offices and will be for rent.
The building will add much to the appearance in the north block.

                                      Notice to Veterans

The Paul J Semmes Camp # 832 UCV in Fayetteville, will be at the court house at 10:00 am on the 1st Tuesday in July
                                                                  TN Farr, Commander
Submitted by CB Glover

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