Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hungry for Georgia History? Learn from General Oglethorpe February 21

Dinner with General James E. Oglethorpe
Saturday, Feb 21, 2009 7 PM - 9 PM

James Edward Oglethorpe (1696-1785) was one of the twenty one original trustees named by King George to govern the new colony of Georgia in 1732. Although Oglethorpe held no official title at that time other than trustee, he is known as the founder of Georgia.

Come learn more about the early history of Georgia by having dinner with General James E. Oglethorpe on Saturday, February 21 in Darien.

General James E. Oglethorpe, Colonel John Barnwell and the Garrison of Fort King George invite the public to a quaint colonial dinner in the enlisted soldiers' barracks. Evening entertainment will feature the arrival of General Oglethorpe via scout-boat, musket and cannon firings, and interaction between the fort officers, soldiers and dinner guests.

$30 per plate
(912) 437-4770

Fort King George Historic Site
1600 Wayne St
Darien, GA 31305

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