Monday, April 6, 2009

The French in the American Revolution

We were recently asked if there was a definitive list of French soldiers who fought with the Marquis deLafayette during the American Revolution. After a few moments of head scratching, we contacted a local Fayette County Geni with the question.

Here is her response:

"The Title is "Les Combattants Francais de la guerre Americaine 1778-1783" published by Genealgoical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1969. At the top of the title page it says "58th Congress, 2nd session, Document No. 77." Perhaps it could be accessed in English on the NARA web page."

That, in addition to the information we located on the internet, should allow the person who asked the question to get started in his quest.

According to Wikipedia, the following list are the units of French Soldiers who were sent to fight with the American Colonies. Please keep in mind that over 6000 Frenchmen fought for America's freedoms and the French Navy also played a role so this list is not complete.

Without the support of France, the colonists would have been hard pressed to win their battle against England. We would suggest contacting your local French Embassy to see if they can lead you in the direction to find a list of men.

French Infantry regiments

Agenois Regiment
Auxonne Regiment
Bourbonnois Regiment
Gatinois Regiment
Metz Regiment
Royal Deux-Ponts Regiment
Saintonge Regiment
Soissonois Regiment
Touraine Regiment


Lauzun's Legion

-S. Sloan, Fayetteville, GA, via email

Let us know if you are successful!

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