Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The World War II Preservation Trust

/24-7/ -- The World War II Preservation Trust is a non-profit organization specializing in the examination, research and acquisition of WWII artifacts. Our mission is to preserve Second World War souvenirs sent home by Veterans. We hope to accomplish this goal through the acquisition and conservation of these items which otherwise might be neglected; this would prevent future generations from understanding these symbolic relics.

We have served as consultants to museums, auction houses and historical societies throughout the Country. Our goal has, and will remain, the education and enlightenment of all those interested in the dynamic history associated with this intense period in our Nation's past.

The goal of our organization is to help preserve the history and the artifacts from this very dramatic part of the 20th century. We are enthusiasts and historians of this period, and have had the opportunity and pleasure of talking with 100's of WWII Veterans and their families. We know what an impact this experience had on their lives.

Fast forward to the present day and the majority of these voices have been silenced by Father Time. We hope to contact as many remaining members of "The Greatest Generation" and their families to hear their stories and record their experiences.

Our goal is to gather the words, photographs, and anecdotes of our veterans, in order to convey their enormous sacrifices to present and future generations. Many veterans returned home with souvenirs from their adventures overseas. These artifacts, whether they be something as simple as a medal or badge, or as symbolic like a flag, jacket or helmet, represent the spoils of war. Remember the old saying, "To the victor goes the spoils," and the American G.I. was the most prolific souvenir hunter of all time.

It is through these souvenirs, along with other visuals, that we hope to keep the spirit and history of the era alive. Our organization is not-for-profit. It exists for the love of history and the people involved in making this history.

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