Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tellus Science Museum Passes 200,000 Visitors for 2009

/PRNewswire/ -- Tellus Science Museum welcomed its 200,000th visitor on Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009, less than a year after the museum opened its doors.

Tellus was originally projecting 150,000 visitors in its first full year of operation, but the year has been full of milestones for the museum. Earlier this month Tellus' digital planetarium celebrated 100,000 visitors.

"I am so pleased to get this support from our members and visitors," said Tellus Executive Director Jose Santamaria. "It has exceeded all our expectations and I hope this means Tellus has something unique to offer to everyone."

Carey Merritt and her two children, Margaret Ann and Walker, were surprised to find they were the lucky visitors.

"We were joking about it walking up the door that it might be us," said 9-year-old Walker. "It's very exciting."

This was the Merritt's first visit to Tellus. The Marietta, Georgia family had heard plenty of good things about the museum and decided to check it out themselves.

"We had some friends who told us how great it was," Carey Merritt said. "We figured we would come and see it."

Tellus now sits in the location of the original Weinman Mineral Museum and spans 120,000 square feet on more than 40 acres. Tellus features four galleries: Weinman Mineral Gallery; Fossil Gallery; Science in Motion, a journey through the development of motorized transportation; Collins Family Big Backyard, a hands-on activity gallery for children; and the digital planetarium.

With 200,000 visitors already notched, the museum is looking forward to a great second year in 2010.

"We have more exciting exhibits, planetarium shows and events coming up next year, so our returning visitors will have many new things to see and do. I would like to thank our local community from all over the Southeast - we could not have done this without you," Santamaria said. "I hope to continue to earn everyone's support by keeping Tellus as a place worth coming back to."

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