Friday, June 27, 2008

"Today in Fayetteville" April 28, 1933

Fayetteville's famous courthouse clock gets face lift, April 28, 1933
From "The Fayetteville Enterprise" April 28, 1933. "Our venerable city clock is smiling brightly these days under a new coat of paint, recently applied by a steeple-jack under the direction of the county.
Commissioners Burch, Jackson and Jenkins. The faithful old timepiece, which has ticked away the seconds with consistent regularity for these many years, although somewhat unreliable about the business of striking the hours, was considerable weather-beaten and disfigured by the actions of the elements. Now each numeral is plainly visible from almost any point in the city. We congratulate the Commissioners on the appearance of the clock."

article by Betty Ann Sims
submitted by:
CB Glover

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