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"Today in Fayetteville" January 9, 1891

Join me for another look into Fayetteville's past. Shopping could not be better in early 1891.
                          The Fayetteville News
                                January 9, 1891
                           Mules! Mules! Mules!
Another fine lot of Kentucky mules to arrive Monday. We will sell cheaper than any market in Georgia.
                                                            Blalock & Mitchell
The largest and most elegant line of dress goods ever brought to Fayetteville at Blalock's.
If you want a Buggy, don't by till you see us. We will sell you a first class vehicle cheaper than you can buy it any where else.                                     S.T. & A.O. Blalock
                               Sewing Machines
We have just received a fine assortment of celebrated White sewing Machines.
                                                        S.T. & A.O. Blalock
Celebrated Milburn and Tennessee wagons always on hand at Blalocks.
                                 Local News
Inman, Ga.- Inman is a boom town.  Dr. Weldon will soon have completed a large and commodious dwelling.
W.S. Starr's beautiful residence is nearly ready to be occupied. J.L. McLucas will in a few days move into his new house.
                      A Corpse with $5,000 in jewelry
The largest amount of jewelry known to be in a single grave was buried in Greenwood Cemetery several years ago. The undertaker protested against it, but was severely snubbed for his interference. The family had its way, and in that grave is buried, fully $5,000 worth of diamonds.
Jonesboro, Ga.- Our new hotel opened last week, but owing to inclement weather the opening ball was postponed. Mrs. R.W. Jones is the proprietress and that fact insures the success of the house.
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