Monday, October 13, 2008

Holocaust Survivor to Speak on UWG Campus

Holocaust survivor and author Tosia Szechter Schneider will tell her story on the University of West Georgia campus on Tuesday, Oct. 14, at 5:30 p.m. in the Ingram Library. A book signing will follow the presentation. The event is free and the community is invited to attend.

Schneider was a 13-year-old teenager when the Nazi Army invaded and occupied her hometown of Horodenka, Poland, in 1941. A reign of terror began against the Jews who made up 50 percent of the town’s population. What happened to the Jewish population in Horodenka was repeated in thousands of towns and villages across Poland and other occupied countries.

The Nazis erected gallows in her town and hanged eight randomly selected Jews. Each day new proclamations were issued, each under the threat of death, if not followed. Schneider lists some of the Nazi proclamations in her writings as: all Jews from ages 14 to 60 must register for forced labor; all Jews must wear the Star of David on an armband; Jewish children cannot attend school; Jews cannot enter stores; Jews cannot socialize with Christians; Jewish doctors and lawyers cannot practice; and all radios, all gold and silver objects, furs, etc., must be turned over to the Nazis.

The only member of her immediate family to survive years of living in ghettos and labor camps, she published her book “Someone Must Survive to Tell the World” in 2007, fulfilling a promise made to her mother in 1942 that she would tell the world what happened should she survive. Don’t miss this harrowing tale of cruelty and bravery.

For more information, call 678-839-5337.

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