Friday, October 17, 2008

"Today in Fayetteville" Dec. 4, 1903

 Another look into our past. Cold weather seems to be plaguing our relatives in late 1903

                        The Fayetteville News

                             December 4, 1903


                                OAK GROVE


The extremely cold weather put our people behind with their work. A few warm days now and we will be through gathering some small grain saved and some plowing done proprietary to another crop.


George Carder and family left last Monday for south Georgia. We wish them health and success in their new home.


Miss ellie shipp has been suffering with her left hand of late.


We are glad to know that Jeff nations is improving very rapidly. He had the miss fortune to get both arms broken by being thrown over the shafting at his fathers gin.


A wee lady is stopping with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lloyd.


                                 FOR SHERIFF


I hearby announce myself a candidate for reelection for sheriff of this county. I desire to sincerely thank my friends for their support in the past.... Albert P Sams

submitted and researched by CB Glover

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