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"Today in Fayetteville" April 20, 1906

Springtime in early 1900's Fayetteville was a time for marriages and preparation for Confederate Memorial Day. Go back in time with me to April 20, 1906.

The Fayetteville News
April 20, 1906

Wedding Bells Ring Out in Fayetteville

Two happy marriages, Miss Tommie Sam's, the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Mrs. M.D. Sam's of Woolsey was happily married at their home Tuesday afternoon, 17th. to Dr. Thomas Culpepper of Greenville. Rev. John Speir of Greenville performed the ceremony in an impressive and solemn manner.
Miss Sam's is really a beautiful woman, possessed of a gentle and lovable disposition, and is a favorite at home and elsewhere. Dr. Culpepper is a pharmacist of skill and a gentleman of culture and refinement, and one of Merriwether county's most popular young men.

A happy marriage was solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Dorsett last Sunday afternoon, That of their attractive and lovely daughter, to Dr. Edgar E. Dixon, the groom is a Pharmacist at the Fayetteville Drug Co. Having recently passed a creditable and successful graduation before the state board of Pharmacist. He is industrious, sober and reliable.

Exercises and Songs for Memorial day

Next Thursday, April 26, will be Memorial Day. The whole South will render appropriate exercises in honor of the worlds greatest heroes, the battle scarred veterans and the lost dead of the bloody sixties.
Fayette Co. will respond to the inspiration of loyalty and patriotism, and pay loving tribute to our departed fathers, brothers and kindred who so nobly defended the home land we now claim and the homes which we then occupied.

Addresses by Col. W.C. Wright of Newnan. The program was arranged by the ladies of the Fayette Co. Memorial Assn.
The veterans of the Co. will assemble at the South front of the courthouse and March to the tabernacle and occupy the front seats on the right of the aisle. Committee of young ladies will meet the veterans at the court house and pin a bouquet on each of them.
The Sons of Veterans, organized at Hopewell, will meet at the North front of the court house, and march to the tabernacle.
The graves of every Confederate soldier will be decorated after the exercise.

Miss Sarah McEachern who has been teaching school at Marion, has returned home.
Mr. Manson Simpson and beautiful daughter, Miss Wille, were guest of Mr. A.E. Adams and family one night last week.
Mrs. Shopshire and Miss Ethel McEachern were the guest of Mrs. Rachel McEachern on night last week.

researched and submitted by CB Glover

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