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"Today in Fayetteville" October 1, 1909

Enjoy another look into the exciting happening in Fayette County's past...
                           The Fayetteville News
                                    October 1, 1909
                  The Wild West and Far East Show
Many interesting features will be seen with the Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill Exhibition.
Much interest has been aroused in this vicinity through the announced appearance of Buffalo Bills Wild West and Pawnee Bills Far East show at Atlanta, Oct 20, 1909.
Col. William F. Cody, the original and only "Buffalo Bill", travels with the big exhibition and positively appears at every performance, rain or shin, arrangements have been made with the railroad officials to run excursions at special rates from the various stations along the line and there will be special provisions for the accommodation of those who wish to visit the exhibition. To the small boy and grown up Buffalo Bill will be the chief attraction, for his fame is not dimmed by the years that have elapsed since he helped write the story of the west through his heroic deeds.
                                 Composer of "Dixie"
               Daniel Decatur Emmett to be memorialized
Committee of well known Southerners will meet in Nashville to perfect plans to raise funds. As to the form of the memorial, it is believed that the committee and those whom they call into consultation will favor a simple shaft of Granite or marble.
The poem was written and set to music in the summer of 1859.
The last appearance of Emmett was in the winter of 1896-7,
while on tour that season the aged minstrel celebrated his 84th natal anniversary at Dallas, Txs. and the Daughters of the Confederacy there presented the old gentleman with a gold watch. In the Spring he sickened and retired to his home in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Lost to public attention and memory until his death in July 1904.
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