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"Today in Fayetteville" June 25, 1909

Another look into Fayette County's past, gives us an idea of the things that were of interest to our ancestors. With Confederate Memorial Day approaching, my next article will look into the
early 1900s, showing our Confederate history was still an important part of our lives... We still celebrate and honor our Confederate ancestors with an annual Memorial Day service, which will be held Saturday, April 26, in the Heritage Park, downtown Fayetteville. 7 p.m.
A living history exhibit will be located behind the Holliday House Museum, earlier in the day.

The Fayetteville News
June 25, 1909

One of the most enjoyable occasions of the year was the anniversary of Hon. W.T. Glower's birthday which occurred at his home in Fayetteville Sunday. He celebrated his 78Th birthday and all his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were present. Fifty-five sat down to his hospitable board, which was filled with all the good things of the season. He received many handsome presents and the occasion was one long to be remembered.

Mr. J.H. Farr, formerly of this County, but now a resident of Campbell Co. was on our streets Tuesday. Mr. Farr is approaching his 80Th birthday.

Constitution of C.S.A.

Historic documentation on exhibition in the Library of Congress
Original copy loaned to the Government by J.W. De Renne of Savannah, Ga.
Washington D.C.-There has been deposited in the Library of Congress and placed on exhibition in the manuscripts division, the original " Constitution of the Confederate States of America."
The Constitution was adapted on March 11, 1861, by the Confederate Congress at Montgomery, Alabama.
Upon the evacuation of Richmond, was sent with other papers further south, where it was rescued by Mr. F.G. Defontaine, at Chester S.C. from a band of looters.
Mr. Defontaine kept this and other documents for some years and in 1883, it passed into the hands of Mrs. G.W.J. De Renne, whose son, Mr. W.J. De Renne, of Savannah, Ga. now owns it, and has recently deposited it as a loan with the Library of Congress.
Atlanta, Ga.- The population of Ga. at the present time approximates 3,000,000 persons.

- Researched and submitted by C.B. Glover

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